Cat Ads, Living Mall – Taipei, Taiwan

Two cats advertising the same company.

Swag Cat is Full of Swag

This Cat is More Reserved, with a Rick Santorum Sweater. Much Less Swag. Appears to be concerned about the economy.


Jiu Fen, Old School – Jiu Fen, Taiwan

If Taiwan’s infrastructure has a weakness, it is an aesthetic one confined to the concept of architecture. When I visited as a kid, I never looked up enough to realize that the treats of first-floor retail space (convenience stores, fashion boutiques, and restaurants) obscured a clusterfuck of dirty tiled buildings, often built out of order and ramshackled, ad-hoc. However, there can be a certain beauty in the neon chaos.

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I Killed A Kitty :( – Taipei, Taiwan

Well, all but killed it. I was walking down the street two nights ago when I saw the cutest cat chilling in a piece of construction machinery on the sidewalk. I went closer to say hello, and the poor thing darted out into the street. Instantaneously, I heard a loud bumping noise, and saw a taxi cab swerve to a stop a few meters ahead. My heart stopped as I instantly realized what had happened.

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Sushi & Cantonese – Taipei, Taiwan

Sushi Take Out

A La Carte Sushi – one of my favoritess things to do while walking down the street is picking up some a la carte sushi. From 5NT to 25NT apiece, or $.15 to $.75, it’s usually much fresher than the shit back home. I’ve attached a picture below to show off.

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Arrival – Taoyuan, Taiwan

Welcome To Taiwan

I’ve recently discovered the new panorama feature on my iPhone, which means that I’m that guy standing perfectly still while gently rotating a smartphone like an idiot around the city. So expect lots of long pictures from now on.

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Immigrant Reimmersion Curry – Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan


Going back to Asia is always something I dread almost as much as I look forward to, as there are so many microadjustments, ugly truths, and pretty lies, that come rushing back as soon as you step foot off the plain/train/bus into the city.

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